Are you selling retail but looking to expand in the booming Wholesale 

We have the perfect Wholesale B2B e-Commerce solution for you. Our team has successfully developed various e-Commerce for our customers that have made a significant impact on their business and their customers. We are able to set up your e-Commerce store in a very short turn around time using the leading e-Commerce platform Shopify.

The same system can be used for both your Wholesale customers and the public which reduces your monthly costs, makes it easy for your staff to manage, and keeps all your customers happy.

Some of the Wholesale features that are possible:

  • Sell B2C and B2B from the same store
  • Open your retail shop to Wholesale customers
  • Set discounts based on percentage and specific prices
  • Multiple Payment Options: Paygate/Payfast, On Account or EFT
  • Set discounts based on percentage and specific prices
  • Set volume and tiered discounts
  • Set advanced wholesale shipping rates
  • Net 15/30 Payment Terms (or whatever terms you have sent)
  • Manual Orders
  • Wholesale Sign Up Form with Auto-tagging
  • NO additional variants or duplicate products created 


B2B Wholesale eCommerce Quote Request

What does B2B eCommerce Mean?

Business to Business Electronic Commerce means the sale of products or services through an online store between companies.

What is B2B/B2C?

B2B/B2C means that you sell both wholesale and retail in your online store with the B2B customers receiving a discounted price to the public.

How does Wholesale Pricing work?

It works by offering different pricing based on the tag applied to the customer account. Only customers with a specific tag will see the corresponding price. You could even offer different pricing on products or collections in your online store.

What Types of Wholesale Discounts Can I Apply?

You could apply a percentage-based discount for instance 30% of a product’s retail price. Or individual pricing for instance R100 off of a product’s normal price.

How Do B2B Customers Register/Apply?

We can bulk upload all your current wholesale customers for you and apply their discount tags to each account. You are then able to send out a bulk invite together or to each customer. We can also include a Wholesale signup form where potential wholesalers can apply. You can review each applicant before approving.

Do You Have Any Wholesale Examples?

We’ve built many B2B/B2C examples. See below some of our latest projects:

On What Platform Is It Built?

We build Wholesale solutions for our customers on the Shopify platform. We strongly believe in the ease of use, security and versatility of the platform. It is also easy to manage yourself once we’ve completed the development.

Is Shopify good for b2b?

It is one of the best platforms on which to offer B2B. You could offer wholesale either through the use of Wholesale Pricing Discount app or as a Shopify Plus customers. You have the added advantage of still being able to sell to your retail customers from the same store. No need to have a separate shop.

What is the best wholesale app for Shopify?

We can work with many Wholesale apps but we recommend and use Wholesale Helper. It has all the features you need plus great support and pricing options.

Can You Integrate It Into My Existing Store?

Yes. We can integrate it into your current Shopify store or build you a brand new one. We also offer migration services from Magento, Woocommerce, and many other platforms to Shopify.

How Do Wholesale Customers Order?

Wholesale customers can order using the shop as retail customers, browsing through your collections, and adding products to your shop cart. They can then checkout using your cart and payment gateway or you can allow them to checkout on account. We can also install a very handy Order/Reorder form that allows for a more streamlined approach with all your products viewable in list form.

Can I Hide My Wholesale Section from public?

Yes, it is possible to hide your wholesale section completely from retail customers using the Lock app. The app will use the customer tag to decide if a customer can see a section or product. You can hide almost anything in your store.

Is it possible to link about to our Accounting or ERP?

Yes it is possible through apps or through API to sync order, customer, and product data.