How To Make Your Online Store Succeed

Have you spent hundreds of hours and poured thousands into your Ecommerce store, yet you still haven’t found success? 

The harsh truth is, 97% of Ecommerce businesses fail. 

This figure, although shocking, proves that online store owners set up shop, blindly jumping into the fray. Failing to research the crucial information your store needs to thrive, is backbreaking. 

Success in this industry revolves around shaping your store around what customers want, and how they want it.  

These Ecommerce tips will make YOUR store succeed: 

Frictionless Shopping 

This is arguably the most important Ecommerce ‘trend’. As the name suggests, frictionless shopping is the act of removing all obstacles in front of customers, leading to a smooth, or frictionless shopping experience.  

But as the world of Ecommerce has evolved, so has this term. The introduction of technologies such as one-click purchasing and mobile wallets, today’s definition of frictionless shopping means a lot more than just convenience. 

It means snappy website speeds, deep personalization, and memorable experiences – not just meeting customer expectations, but blowing them out of the water. 

Intuitive Navigation 

Navigation references to the menu that allows customers to browse and purchase your products.  

The most successful approach to navigation menus, is by showcasing a set of general product category labels at the top level. These category labels are often short, vague terms that represent a broad variety of products. 

Prospects should be able to quickly scan these category labels, helping them to access their desired products with minimal effort. 

Mention Sales, Discounts and Promotions 

Sales are a sure-fire way of catching and keeping customers’ attentions, thus you should promote these on your site’s global navigation. Big, eye catching banners offering the flavor-of-the-month specials, are a must.  

Allow Shoppers To Browse And Compare 

According to Google’s quality guidelines, a good quality online store is one that allows customers to browse and compare products.  

This guideline is not a look into Google’s algorithm, but rather an indication of what type of sites Google will typically rank. 

Prospects enjoy seeing the specifications and features of the products they consider purchasing. Showcasing and comparing your products feed into the research your customers are already inclined to do, adding to the “frictionless” experience.  

Positive Reviews WILL boost your sales 

People with successful Ecommerce stores always have one thing in common: 

Tons of positive reviews 

Reviews are a customer’s way of seeing if the website they’re buying from, is worth their while. Negative reviews, although inevitable, are extremely off-putting and will bleed sales. Even the absence of reviews, will leave customers feeling that your business might be a scam. 

An easy way of generating user reviews is by providing incentives to leaving positive reviews. An example of this is providing customers with small coupons for leaving for example, a five-star review on your site. (Although, be wary of too many 5-star reviews, as this could come off as obnoxious and make your product seem too good to be true.) 

Studies have shown that positive user reviews, can boost conversion rates up to 270% 

The following factors impact reviews the most: 

  • Number of reviews 
  • Average review star rating 
  • Number of negative reviews 

Mobile Responsiveness 

It can be easy to forget that a lot of your customers are browsing your site on mobile. In fact, almost half of all prospects are browsing your site on mobile.  

Thus not optimizing around mobile responsiveness, is a huge mistake, as you will be deterring almost half of your customers. 

There are a variety of tools available to view your website on other devices, such as mobile or tablets, to see how you can improve in order to make more sales. 

What you should focus on, is having a clear, intuitive interface on a smaller mobile screen. The use of icons is a great way of conveying a message  

Offer Fewer Choices 

To many, this might sound counter-intuitive, surely offering more products will lead to increased sales? This however, is a dangerous pitfall. In fact, doing the opposite might be a better choice. 

Slimming down prospects’ choices will help them come to a conclusion easier, preventing them from leaving your site due to indecision. 

If your store has a large selection of products, consider structuring your pages in a way that offers shoppers as few options as possible. Doing this ensures that customers won’t be overwhelmed by a monumental number of products. 

The more choices you offer, the more likely a customer is to shop elsewhere. 

Impress customers with follow-up emails 

Unfortunately, most websites’ customer support ends as soon as a customer checks out. Customer retention, is one of the most consistent ways of generating more sales. By letting customers go without keeping in contact, is throwing away sales! 

Ensure that your follow up email is useful, polite and insightful, else you might annoy your customers, leading to them unsubscribing from your email list and/or leaving a negative review. 

These emails can include customer service information such as shipping location, or promote products similar to those that they have bought before. 

The more attention you give to customers after they have given you their money, the more likely they will start regularly buying from you, and even telling their family/friends about how amazing you are. 

Whether you are looking to launch you own online shop, or a seasoned veteran, these tips will take your site to the next level. 

  • Frictionless Shopping 
  • Intuitive Navigation 
  • Mention Sales, Discounts and Promotions 
  • Allow Shoppers To Browse And Compare 
  • Positive Reviews WILL boost your sales 
  • Mobile Responsiveness 
  • Impress customers with follow-up emails 

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