Recommended Newsletter App

AWeber Newsletter

Powerfully-Simple Small Business Email Marketing Solutions. Build your lists, send emails, and connect with your audience faster than ever before.

Top Shopify Search App


One of the best-advanced search apps available on the Shopify Platform. Offers full indexing, auto suggestions, auto spelling corrections, and an extensive range of options to improve the search of your e-Commerce Store. Highly recommended.

Shopify Custom Invoices App

Sufio Invoices

Legally compliant with legislation in South Africa and over 50 countries worldwide including Vat Number on invoices. You also have the ability to customize the look and feel to match your brand. 

Out of Sandbox Shopify Themes

Out of Sandbox

Stunning themes with advanced features with excellent support. A wide range of themes available

Shopify Store Pickup & Delivery App

Store Pickup App

The app allows you to create unlimited pickup and delivery locations for your online store & physical store.

Wholesale Pricing Discount

Wholesale Pricing Discount

Sell B2B Wholesale and Retail in a single Shopify Store. This app allows one to sell discounted pricing to specific customers. 



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